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Craps Information

This website is about the game of craps. I don't guarantee that you'll learn how to win at craps, but I'll do my best to make sure you understand the odds. And when playing craps, the odds are EVERYTHING.

I'll be honest too. I'm not an expert on craps. Part of the reason I'm launching this site is to learn about the game myself. (The best way to learn something is to teach something, so I'll be adding articles about how to play craps here in an effort to learn about the game.)

Another way to learn something is to practice and that's why the best online casinos offer free casino games so that players on all levels have the opportunity to practice and learn the game of their choice whether it be craps, roulette or blackjack.).

So is there much of a difference between an online casino and a traditional casino? We take a look at online casinos vs traditional casions.

Playing Online Craps

There's a number of good online casinos you choose to play craps for real money or use they software in free play mode. We would also like to inform you that you can win real money at Canada below we have highlighted our 2 best options.

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Slotocash Casino a long time established online casino that accepts U.S players from all states.   Gaming Club is a popular choice for players from around the world. It does accept U.S players from most states, but not all.
Experience the fun of online craps now!

Craps Etiquette - Find out everything you need to know about how to conduct yourself at a craps table and not make any enemies. Having fun is great, winning is great, but having everyone at the table glaring at you because you're a boor is not great.

Craps Websites - We've begun a directory of good gambling sites, including other online craps sites and more general gambling websites, anything good related to casino online.

An Introduction to Craps Bets

Most casino games have a strategic betting system that can add value to the way the game is played for example players who like to play live blackjack might follow the Paroli Betting System or the Martingale betting system. The craps betting system such as the 'iron cross' is simple to master once you understand the layout of the table and the basics of the game. The bets are clearly marked out on the table, and can be placed in accordance with the status of the puck. The bets are decided by the roll of two dice and can be placed alongside each other. The various bet types are outline below in further detail Line Bets, Single Roll bets and Multi Roll Bets.

One way to get more bang for your bucks and get more bets is to take advantage of the many craps bonuses that are on offer.

Fun Craps Stuff

Here's a piece of craps trivia you might be interested in: One of the major manufacturers of dice for Las Vegas casinos manufactures over 25,000 pairs of dice every month. That's over 800 pairs of dice per day. Casinos have little patience for dice that aren't created to exacting specifications either; most dice used for craps are allowed a tolerance of only 0.0003 inches. And the dice at the casinos are changed at the beginning of every shift.
Free casino games are not only convenient but also rewarding. If you are looking for to enjoy the greatest casino slots, make sure to pay a visit.

More Interesting Facts About Dice

If you add the number on one side of a die to the number on the other side of the, you'll always get a total of 7. So the 1 is always opposite the 6, the 2 is always opposite the 5, and the 3 is always the opposite of the 4. Many times crooked dice don't have this pattern for their numbers, so the first thing a boxman will look at when checking a set of dice is whether or not the numbers add up to 7.

Another fact about dice: when you roll 2 dice, the most likely result is: 7!

There are 6 ways out of 36 possible results when rolling 2 dice of rolling a 7.

6 and 8 are the 2nd most likely results, since there are 5 possibly ways of generating each of those.

Added those 3 results together, and you have almost a 50% chance of rolling a 6, 7, or 8 when you throw 2 dice. (16 out of 36 total possibilities.)

Why the Dice are Clear

Yeah, craps dice are red, but they're not opaque like the dice you'd get in a Monopoly game. Ever wonder why?

It's so the boxman can easily see whether or not a set of weighted dice have been sneaked into a game. Obviously, if weights have been added to the inside of translucent dice, they'll be visible to someone inspecting the dice.

Saying Seven is Bad Luck

It's considered bad etiquette at a craps table to use the word "seven". Yeah, it's superstition, and you and I both understand that there's really no such thing as luck (it's all standard deviation and odds), but you won't have much fun playing at a table full of craps players who are mad at you.

Jimmy the Greek - the "Wrong Bettor"

Jimmy the Greek always bet against the shooter. He had no problem at all flying in the face of tradition in that respect. But someone who bets on the shooter to win is called a "right bettor", and someone who bets on the shooter to miss, or to crap out before hitting his point, is called a "wrong bettor".

Jimmy the Greek was always a "wrong bettor".



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